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Real Human Sam Altman Explains His Artificial Intelligence GPT
"One of the things we really believe is that the most responsible way to put this out in society is very gradually and to get people, institutions, policy makers, get them familiar with it, thinking about the implications, feeling the technology, getting a sense for what it can do...rather than drop a super powerful AGI [Artificial General Intelligence] in the world all at once. And so we put GPT3 out almost three years ago, and then we put it into an API, I think it was maybe June of 2020, so two and a half years ago. And the incremental update from that to ChatGPT I felt like should have been predictable, and I want to do more introspection on why I was sort of mis-calibrated on that." – Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO

Dreaming in Silicon

Every day we curate and go behind the scenes with new AI artists, demos and art projects

Lumi Labs AI has released a gorgeous video that will have you flying through the Louvre, based on little more than a few video clips shot on an iPhone. It's all possible thanks to Neural Radiance Field (NeRF), a technology that revolutionizes the representation of 3D spaces using AI.

CoffeeVectors is a rising star in the field of AI art, experimenting with cutting edge tools to create startling effects. In this study, he uses the Runway ML video editor (see our Tools section below) to animate images generated with Stable Diffusion. He breaks down his method in the Twitter thread.

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Top Story

Will the Metaverse Get an AI Facelift? And Apes Find $6M of Poop in the Digital Sewers
MySpace founders Chris DeWolfe and Aber Whitcomb are building "an AI protocol platform which will help with everything from user generated content (UGC) to matchmaking to 2D to 3D asset rendering," according to an a16z press release Thursday announcing the project.

Few details are public yet, but given the potential of generative AI to allow anyone to realize their artistic visions with little formal training, embedding it in Web3 environments seems inevitable. Why hire a team to build a world when the players can do it for you? And why not let them build their own custom worlds within worlds that people can travel between, and bring their identities, social networks and digital stuff along with them?

DeWolfe and Whitcomb may be looking to bring back some of the UGC magic of MySpace, which was famous for inspiring weird, highly idiosyncratic personal sites, an individualistic design aesthetic that the modern Web has wiped clean with its highly regimented templates and walled gardens.

PLAI Labs's first "experience" is called Champions Ascension, a “massively multiplayer online role playing game where players can port in their existing non-fungible token (NFTs) characters, go on quests, trade items, fight in the colosseum, build their own custom dungeons, and more.”

It's a bet against deep industry skepticism that anything useful will come out of Web3 and blockchain for gaming, which already has extensive in-app economies without decentralization. The Game Developers Conference annual survey this week found just 23 percent of 2,300 respondents were interested in Web3, down from 27 percent last year, while 75 percent declared they were not interested in doing anything with blockchain at all.

Asked to predict a winner in the metaverse, 45 percent did not bother answering the question.

And Finally... The Ultimate Shit Post

Get ready to dive for poop, courtesy Yuga Labs

Yuga Labs, steward of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT ecosystem, released Sewer Passes on Wednesday, a new NFT offering access to a token-gated Web3 game, yielding over 4,000 ETH (over $6 million) in total sales volume within hours of release. All users had to do was dig through digital sewers in search of a treasure box that one of the Apes had pooped out of his backside.

The company, which hopes to be the next Disney, has certainly mastered the art of the shit post.

In the news

Forget the metaverse, the Baoverse is open for business
Design studio Hato has created a gamified loyalty app for the restaurant, which lets users earn Baocoin and unlock digital collectibles
People Forced to “Go to Work” in the Metaverse Say It’s a Complete Nightmare
According to the people actually already working — or attempting to work — in the Meta’s Horizon Worlds metaverse, there are a lot of issues.
Why Does AI Art Look Like a ’70s Prog-Rock Album Cover?
The boom in generative AI art is creating an aesthetic movement—one that looks oddly familiar.
Google may soon demo an AI Search chatbot amid pressure from ChatGPT | Engadget
Google reportedly sees ChatGPT as a threat to its business and has sped up development of AI-powered products.
AI Chatbots Now Let You Talk to Historical Figures Like Shakespeare and Andy Warhol
Ever wish you could talk to Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, or Andy Warhol? Now, you can thanks to AI.
Crypto Lender Genesis Files for Bankruptcy Following SEC Lawsuit – Featured Bitcoin News
Following an SEC lawsuit, crypto lender Genesis, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG), filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Mississippi, Missouri Lawmakers Introduce Bills To Protect The Rights To Mine Bitcoin And Run A Node
Committees from both states will soon vote on bills that would provide a variety of protections for Bitcoin mining operations and node runners.
Crypto publication CoinDesk hires Lazard to explore sale as crisis deepens at parent company DCG
Crypto publication CoinDesk has engaged Lazard as it considers a full or partial sale of the business, a subsidiary of Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group.
Digital fashion startup Syky raises $9 million and launches first NFT
With a Series A round led by Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six, Syky is building out its team and unveiling the first part of its strategy: membership NFTs with 50 granted to emerging designers.

Tools and Tips

Cristóbal Valenzuela — The Next Generation of Content Creation and AI
Cris gives a demo of Runway, a new video editing platform that uses machine learning to make content creation easier, and discusses the future of computation and creativity.
Image Mixer Demo - a Hugging Face Space by lambdalabs
Discover amazing ML apps made by the community


AI translation firm unveils ‘world-first’ timeline to singularity
When will we reach singularity? An Italian translation company predicts it will happen soon — but the approach is contentious.
NRC Certifies First U.S. Small Modular Reactor Design
NuScale power module becomes the first SMR design certified by the NRC.
Largest plane yet tested with hydrogen-powered engine
Aerospace company ZeroAvia successfully tested using a hydrogen-electric engine to power one of the propellors in a 19-seat aircraft
Mexico Bans Startup From Future Solar Geoengineering Experiments
Make Sunsets had barely got two of its sulfur dioxide releasing balloons in the air before the Mexican government banned the experiments outright.

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