Meteor is a new media brand created by 4X Emmy-winning producer Neil Katz and former editor-in-chief Evan Hansen.  We cover the creative disruptions barreling towards us from new technologies like AI and Web3.

Meteor focuses on the future of topics you're passionate about from art to games to music, media and sports. We get serious too, like how AI will change the face of war and how blockchains might reshape the future of democracy.

And we highlight the new disruptors who harness these technologies to build new worlds, ideas and fortunes.

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By signing up with your email address, you'll get Meteor in your inbox daily and access to the full archive of everything that's been published before and everything that's still to come. All of this is free.

Soon you'll be able to sign up with an email address and a web3 wallet and you'll get amazing surprise art drops from Meteor. All of this is free too.

In the future, we will launch a paid membership which will give you access to a world of fun and exciting NFTs, special content and events, exclusive interviews with big newsmakers (where you can ask the questions) and early access to some of the coolest games, art and AI tools being invented.

Can We Advertise with Meteor?

Absolutely. Our goal is to be the endemic publisher of Web3 and AI. We speak this language and can help your brand speak it to. We take a very privacy forward approach that is native to Web3 and we think benefits both consumers and marketers.

Talk to us about sponsorships, branded content and a new ad format we're developing to help you distribute NFTs in a single click.

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